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Let's just pretend the dirty socks on the table are part of the experiment.

Let’s just pretend the dirty socks on the table are part of the experiment.


For Christmas this year, Grandma got my science-loving seven-year-old a subscription to the Spangler Science Club. Like many of the monthly activity subscriptions, each month a box arrives with everything needed to complete an activity, with a different theme each month.

This month, my daughter learned about petri dishes and bacteria as we swabbed her hands and several other common household surfaces and then observed the bacterial colonies that grew out after a few days.  We also got to make glowing hand lotion and make observations about proper handwashing.  The lessons were easy-to-follow and she was able to complete all the main steps without help. And I was glad to find out our bathroom is not as disgusting as I would have imagined.

Yellowwood School 2016--2

I am a science nerd (and being a physician, a bit of a science snob) and found the activities engaging and a good springboard to deeper discussions. There are online videos to go with the kit, but we actually completed the activities without watching them. I had been concerned that the activities would be too boring for my daughter as we have already done a lot of science experiments at home and have unplanned daily discussions about science topics, but we loved this kit. We get frustrated with experiment books that are really only demonstrations, not experiments. This kit encouraged independent thought, hypothesizing, and inquiry.  If future kits are as high-quality as this one, I would highly recommend the Spangler Science Club.


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