Our second grade homeschool plans

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One of the things I love best about homeschooling is the flexibility to customize the curriculum to fit the child’s needs and the parents’ preferences for involvement and content.  I love to get ideas from other blogs about resources other families are using. Especially in a state like mine with very little regulation (we have to do annual testing with no specific performance standards), you really can do whatever fits your family best.  Our homeschooling doesn’t look quite like anyone else’s. While I am inspired by certain aspects of a few methods, we don’t stick religiously to any one method. I worry less about being true to a method than about being true to my children. Sometimes it doesn’t look like we are doing anything (and sometimes we aren’t).

But I like to have a plan, even if we don’t always (or often) stick to it.  At the beginning of each year, I work on a notebook or planner with some simple goals and list what resources we will work with for that grade. I list both the more schoolish books we’ll use and as well as the less traditional resources since our homeschooling makes good use of both.  It helps me when I feel like we are a little stagnant to look back at our list and go for something we haven’t used in a while. My plans also help this mama who likes to plan and check things off feel at least a little bit organized and intentional with an eldest child whose insatiable appetite for learning and projects can pull us a dozen different ways in a day.

I try to keep a big picture perspective. We usually will loosely plan the week at the beginning of each week but we often don’t stick to all of it if other learning is happening. As long as we are making forward progress (which sometimes inches along and other times is by leaps and bounds), I am pretty content. Also, I keep an online list of library books read and when I am feeling we haven’t accomplished much, I can look at the list and feel reassured.

Our second grade plans this year:



  • Library books
  • Free reading from our extensive home book collection
  • Build and fix things
  • Maker Faire Atlanta
  • Use our microscope and handscope
  • Squishy Body
  • FamilyDoctor anatomy posters I got free at a conference
  • Weigh things on our produce scale and balance scale
  • Magnifying glass
  • Snap Circuits
  • Testing soil samples for garden
  • Kids chemistry set
  • Steve Spangler website and club
  • Local makerspace activities
  • TED Talks

    Nature Study

  • Daily walk in our yard
  • Start family nature journal
  • Learn basic botany terms
  • Learn cloud types
  • Start notebook with plants from our yard
  • Other: Handbook of Nature Study, Botany in a Day, flower/leaf press, Wildcraft Game, birdfeeders and Sibley Guide, Wild Birds Unlimited Store, Local birding club walks, local nature center and gardens, astronomy club, mushroom club, local park membership


  • Work on narration skills
  • Dictate stories for me to write down
  • Notice good writing in literature
  • Weekly tea and poetry

  • Copywork 2x/week
  • OT idea list
  • 2nd Grade handwriting book
  • Games for Writing book
  • Bravewriter
  • Write letters, recipes, grocery lists


  • First Language Lessons
  • Mad Libs
  • Read great writing


  • Franklin Spelling Corrector
  • Hangman
  • Copywork and occasional dictation
  • Natural Speller lists
  • Spelling out loud in the car
  •  All About Spelling
  • Latin class weekly plus homework

    Art/Art History

  • Artist of the month (read a few biography-type library books, some picture study, video if available)
  • Outside art class monthly
  • Pottery Camp
  • Lots of time in our basement art studio
  • Occasional lesson from Drawing with Children
  • Also learned finger knitting, knitting, and basic sewing this year


Learn alphabet, counting, basic vocabularly, colors, basic phrases


  • Recorder
  • Singing folk songs
  • Local concerts


  • Middle Ages plus interest-based library finds
  • Story of the World CDs in car
  • Encyclopedia of World History
  • Living books from library
  • Start timeline book (joint family project)

    Geography/culture: unschooling style

  • Strewing maps, world religion books, foods, friends, world music, globe
  • Stack the States game
  • Play Scrambled States
  • Regional travel, tour guides
  • Map puzzles (USA and GeoPuzzles)

That’s it! Sometime soon I will start thinking about next year…

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