How to not ruin a beach vacation

  1. Do not look up how to homeschool at the beach. Do not look up “educational beach activities” or “beach unit studies.” Give yourself and the kids permission to just be. Even if you are usually a formal homeschooler, while on vacation, try to see them as just your kids, not your students. Let them be.
  2. Do not attempt one of those plaster footprint sandcastles with a toddler unless you have a great sense of humor and some good way to clean up after. If you ignore this advice, feel free to discard the creepy plaster feet when the kids aren’t looking.
  3. Don’t just bring cheap sand toys. Think outside the toystore and bring a 5-gallon bucket, binoculars, a good magnifying glass, and field guides in case you are inspired to research your beach finds. Do not insist they get used. Bring jars or baggies for bringing home seashells, sand, and other treasures. Do not bring one shovel for three children unless you like to watch beachside wrestling matches.
  4. Do not let them get sunburned. Get rashguards, sunglasses, hats, and a big beach umbrella or shade tent.
  5. Don’t restrict yourself to going to the beach in warm weather. If you bundle up and go when it is cooler, you can have the entire beach to yourself.Hunting Crabs
  6. Don’t rush to get everyone to bed. Get back outside when it is dark and look at the stars, or the flash of the moonlight on the waves. The beach is a different place at night.
  7. Don’t sleep in every day. At least once, take the kids out at dawn, snuggle on a blanket or beach chair, and watch the sun rise. SunriseGAThis is the stuff memories are made of. You can always sleep later. And don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture their faces full of wonder during the golden hour.
  8. Don’t try to capture everything with your camera.

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