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Developing storytelling skills with role-playing games

A few months ago, I happened upon reviews for the book Little Wizards, a book that includes almost everything you need to play Little Wizards, a non-violent tabletop role-playing game (RPG) developed for the six- to ten-year-old crowd. The game is set in Coinworld, a 2-sided fantasy world “where Little Wizards live, play, and rise up as heroes.” I had previously thought that RPGs…

63 Sneaky Ways to Work Writing Muscles

If we can work on a skill set without getting into obvious school mode, I’m thrilled. Handwriting practice can be painful for some children, so I try to offer some of these activities at least a few times weekly to help work on my kids’ finger grip strength, coordination, shoulder strength and stamina in a way that is fun and does not feel like work. Over time, I’ve gathered numerous occupational therapy ideas to help with writing muscles, so I decided to share my list here. I have kept this in simple list format as most of the activities don’t require explanation. This post contains...

7 Ways to Encourage a Reluctant Writer

Writing involves a couple different tasks, the mechanical process of creating letters and the process of learning to express one’s thoughts clearly.  We don’t expect them to master everything at once and instead our focus is on fostering enthusiasm for writing. Here are seven ways we inspire the development of writing skills: